Need holiday cover for your in house IT support staff? Does your IT support business need help with a problem?

If you run an IT company you will from time to time hit problems that you have not encountered before, you may need a little help occasionally with particularly tough Microsoft Server, exchange Server or computer problems or if you simply run out of capacity.


You may run a business and have in house IT support guys and they are having trouble with a tricky problem or even if you need to just make sure your office has IT support cover for when you IT Staff are on annual holiday leave we can help.

Please give us a call to discuss your businesses needs and see how TOTAL IT SERVICES can help you.


Our Lichfield number is 01543 898183




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We try to keep this space regularly updated with information about Total IT Services and our IT Support Services we hope you find interesting. Click the link to read our.. Latest News:Total IT Services achieves Microsoft Small Business Specialist Status !! Plus A Microsoft Certified Professional Qualification in small busines Servers . After lots of hard work, we are very proud to announce that we have gained our Microsoft SBS status, we have had to demonstrate our working knowledge and years of experience in dealing with Small Business Server and the issues and problems that can be faced by small businesses using the Microsoft platform. In short this can assure our customers, old and new that we know the best methods to help you become more productive such as working remotely and setting up branch offices on a budget etc... Contact us