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Computer Repair LichfieldDoes your Lichfield Business or home need help with Computers, Server or Network?




Expert Computer Services in Lichfield, Staffordshire

At Total IT Services, we take pride in offering exceptional IT support and computer repair services tailored to businesses in Lichfield. With years of experience in the field, we are equipped to resolve your IT challenges efficiently and help your business operate more smoothly.

Streamlined IT Solutions

Our mission is to alleviate the day-to-day computer and server issues commonly faced by offices and factories in Lichfield. While our primary focus is on business IT support, we extend our services to local domestic PC and laptop users as well as remote or home workers.

Same-Day Callout Repairs

For urgent computer or Microsoft Server issues requiring immediate attention, we provide a same-day callout repair service in Lichfield and the surrounding area. Our commitment to your business extends beyond regular office hours, allowing us to address your PC, laptop, or server concerns promptly. We specialize in Microsoft Servers, including Small Business Server, Exchange Email Servers (such as Microsoft 365), and various Microsoft File Servers for seamless data access.

Comprehensive IT Services

Total IT Services in Lichfield covers a wide spectrum of IT needs. Our services include repairing, upgrading, and maintaining Microsoft Servers, PCs, and laptops. We offer IT support maintenance contracts to proactively reduce future problems, or you can opt for ad-hoc PC repairs with same-day callouts.

Network and Server Expertise

Our skilled team can assist with server and network faults, performance optimization, broadband internet issues, email setup and management, and equipment installations, including ADSL/VDSL routers, leased line fibre, firewalls, and networking solutions.

Additional Services

Our range of PC computer services encompasses virus removal, data recovery, automatic daily backup solutions, laptop repair (including screen replacements), SSD and RAM upgrades, Microsoft Server and Microsoft 365 Email, Teams, and SharePoint installations, and comprehensive business computer services tailored to Lichfield.

Certified Professionals

With our Microsoft Server accreditations and status as a business link-approved IT support provider, you can trust that our team comprises professional, trained, and competent engineers.

Contact Total IT Services in Lichfield

Ready to experience hassle-free IT support and computer services in Lichfield? Contact our Lichfield office today at 01543 898183 and let us help your business thrive.

For all your IT needs in Lichfield, Total IT Services has you covered. Choose us to prevent major computer problems and ensure your business remains resilient. We are located in Lichfield, Staffordshire, and are here to serve you.

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If you’re dissatisfied with your current computer services provider, making the switch to Total IT Services is simple and straightforward. Our satisfied Midlands-based clients can attest to the quality of our IT services in Lichfield.



Computer Services Lichfield

We offer your Lichfield based business IT Support and computer repair services that are second to none. We have many years of business computer services and repair experience to fix your issues.  We can also want to help you to work more efficiently.

We help to reduce the day to day computer and Server problems that an office or factory experiences. We are mainly a business IT Support Service, but we are very pleased to help local domestic PC/Laptop users and remote or home workers too.

Should you have a very urgent computer or Microsoft Server fault and need a repair, we offer a same day call out repair service Lichfield Email Problems Fixedfor the Lichfield and surrounding area. We do not even limit our operations to normal office hours, this enables us to repair your PC, Laptop Computer or Microsoft Server Overnight and also attend your business out of hours. We can assist you and your Business with Microsoft Servers including Microsoft Small Business Server, Exchange Email Servers – such as Microsoft 365 and types of Microsoft File Servers for your mapped drive data access.

Total IT Services – computer services Lichfield, we repair, upgrade and maintain Microsoft Servers, PC and Laptops.  We can offer your business an IT support maintenance contract to help reduce future problems or, if you prefer, Ad-Hoc PC repair same day call outs.

We can assist you with Server and network faults or failure, general IT poor performance, Broadband internet faults, email creation and management and equipment installations including ADSL/VDSL Routers, Leased Line Fibre, Firewalls and Networking.

Our general PC computer services include: Virus removal, data recovery, daily automatic backup solutions, Laptop repair including screen replacements and upgrades such as SSD drives and RAM (memory) Upgrades,  Microsoft Server and Microsoft 365 Email, teams and Sharepoint installations and business computer services in Lichfield

With all of our Microsoft Server accreditation’s together with the being a business link approved IT Support supplier you have the peace of mind that you are dealing with professional, trained and competent engineers.

Call Our Lichfield Computer Services office today on: 01543 898183

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We like to help our customers to prevent any major computer problems whenever possible, we can help your business to plan for the worse and even “copy” an image of your Server to a file. This copy then allows us to get your business up and running again the same day should your server hardware fail completely. We can look after your network regardless of your server manufacturer for example HP, Dell IBM and Acer. We can offer your office, factory or any type of business computer services, we are based in Lichfield Staffordshire.

If you are not happy with your current computer services company, we can help you to make the switch with minimum fuss – it’s normally a very easy and straightforward process. Most of our new clients wonder why they have put up with poor service for so long before coming to us! We can offer references from our current Midlands based clients and customers that we provide IT services Lichfield.

IT Support Lichfield Staffordshire | Computer  Services Lichfield | Data Recovery and Virus Removal | Lichfield Computer Repair | Laptop Repair