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Having Trouble with your PC computer? Give us a call –  Computer Services in and around Lichfield, Staffordshire

Repair Service

Same day call out visits for Lichfield and Staffordshire

“In house” repairs available – drop your PC or laptop off at our office the same day.

What can we help you with?

 Total IT Services can repair your Server, Computer or Laptop, we replace laptop screens and hard drives as well as recover data from failed laptops and PC’s.

 We repair all manor of PC issues including, Blue screen of death crashes, computer not turning on or maybe it turns off after a whilst and any virus infections including Malware or operating system issues. We can help with failed power supplies, monitors that wont display or any network connection issues you may have. We are Webroot approved resellers and we can help to secure your PC or Network against viruses, ransom attacks and cyber attacks.

 Server or Network failure? To help our customers, we reserve our fastest response times for anyone that contacts us with a critical Microsoft Server issue including Microsoft Exchange Email Server and Small Business Server. We will not let you down when you need us the most.

 We have a great track record of recovering data and Servers back to a serviceable state the same day – often this can be prevented entireley by using our maintenence services that check your server for the signs of an impending  failure in advance of the worst happening.

We understand exactly what a major failure means to your business so we first work with clients to help prevent issues and put disaster recovery plans in place if there is ever a business critical failure to limit the downtime to your company.

Have a problem now?

If your Microsoft Server or Small Business Server has crashed, files or email not accessible or if it simply will not start up then call us right away and we will be out to help straight away.

Domestic help for when you need IT support at home for your home computer repair, out of hours service available

Based in Lichfield Staffordshire we are well sited to offer great response times for all of Staffordshire and the Midlands.

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