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Data Backups, Protect Your Business Critical Data

Your Business data is the lifeblood of your company, imagine if you have a burglary, fire or most likely your Server or Computer’s hard drive fails and you lost all of your critical business files. In recent years we have seen a huge increase in hacks and ransom attacks on Servers and Computers, as well as Microsoft 365. Its important to note that Microsoft do not backup your cloud based data. So your email and sharepoint data are at risk.  How long would it take you to recover from a complete data or complete email loss, or could your business ever recover from it?

Traditional backups using tape are slow and woefully unreliable when it comes time to restore your lost data watch this short Video to see why you should not put your trust just into the tape backup to protect you. We at Total IT Services can provide you with a more reliable and often less expensive backup method than traditional tapes. We can also arrange for your data to be securely stored at a datacentre and updated daily once setup the backups happen completely automatically.

Whatever your backup needs are, give us a call and let Total IT Services help you to protect your data. We test our backups periodically to make sure that the data contained within the backup is covered and recoverable in case of a Server failure.

Should the worse of already happened we can often help with a rapid data recovery service based in our Lichfield office.

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